Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is Any Blog Going To Be Worth 52 Bucks A Year To Read?

Get this: Tom DeLay thinks he has something new to offer the bogisphere. And for 52 bucks a year, you can glad hand him over the internet.

No doubt, he will get some suckers. My bet is that there is a giant sucking sound around his URL as there is a void of clicks his way.

Check out the name of his "new" blog:
Now, he's back with a revamped Web site, a new blog and a "Grassroots Action and Information Network" that he pledges will shape politics in federal, state and local races and help Republicans reclaim their lost majority in Congress.

"If the past two election cycles have taught us anything, it's that a strong, focused and activated grassroots network is key to achieving victory," DeLay said in a statement Monday. "This entire operation is designed around finding conservative individuals in each congressional district and motivating them to act on behalf of our principles."

For $52 a year, members of the network will have access to the latest intelligence in the conservative movement and a chance to build an alliance that will flex its muscle in all 435 congressional districts, DeLay says...

"So now, he wants to save conservatives from what he set in motion?" Ornstein asked. "I don't know if there is a Texas word for 'chutzpah,' but whatever it is, he's got it."
Chutzpah, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Chutzpah's too good a word for Delay's carrion feeding.

Kvatch said...

I don't know if there is a Texas word for 'chutzpah

"Cojones". And I'm not sure that $52 bucks qualifies. Though why anyone would pay it to a "bug-man" is beyond me.

sumo said...

It just proves he's a whore!