Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Join Educate our State for Camp Educate: A summer day camp for adults who care about the future of our great state

I haven't written in a while, but I though that I would appeal to you because our public education system is on the verge of collapse and we all have a vested stake in the future of our Great State.  Think of it this way. With a budget that hinges on the likelihood that voters will approve one of two tax increases this November, how do you suppose we are able fund public education across California in a robust way that ensures our children are well educated, ready for jobs or college, and will be able to lead productive happy lives when they exit school at whatever point they choose? 

The existing budget for public schools across our State hangs by a unraveling thread. The presidential election in November is important, not only for what hangs in the balance for whom will be elected leader of our great nation, but we the people of California have a choice to make.  And hanging in the balance of that choice are California's children - who get no vote - and we, the adults will be making a selection for them.  We will all go to the polls in November and cast our votes, and I urge you to pledge to vote in ways that support public education. 

Regardless the predicted outcome, you do not have to rest with simply showing up to vote.  You can take action today, and that action can work to multiply the power of the movement toward a better California; one where the voters look out for the future generations as opposed to their own, limited self interest.  Join Educate our State.  Like us on facebook.  Sign up for the Cause.

And, if you feel like you would be willing to go the extra mile - come meet us in person and learn how to become an active agent for change.  While, the current budget in Sacramento and across large portions of the State is hostile to public education, toward public school children, and endangering the very talent pools that will be the future employees of the great companies that comprise California's fiscal backbone, we do not have to sit idly or complacently by.  

I am a Board member for Educate our State and I encourage you to consider joining us in two weeks for Camp Educate (18 Aug 2012). Like minded people from around the region are gathering to discuss the issues, connect in person, and work together to develop strategies for working toward positive aims shooting to rebuilding support for and actively take part in the fight to improve schools and the educational experience for all California's children.  I would be happy to discuss this effort in person at any time. Give me a call or let me know a good number, date and time to call you to discuss and I will do my best to fill you in on the details and answer any questions you have.

Better yet, skip all these steps and sign up for Camp Educate. Think of this as Summer Day Camp for adults who care about the future of our Great State.  

The steps you take over this one day event and the next few months are critical.  Don't fall into the usual disempowering trap of thinking that your voice won't make a difference.  In fact, by acting now, with us, you may well be able to change the future for the better .  As Margaret Mead is famous for saying, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  I hope you make the choice to become a part of our State wide movement.  California's Children need you.

I look forward to speaking with you about these issues, Camp Educate, or whatever else you would like to talk about at any time.

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