Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Take the Sting Out of Education Funding Cuts - Make it go viral request email template

This is the text of the email I just drafted & sent off to the entire parent population at our school. You should feel free to borrow any and all of it to push out to your people as well. The aim is to make the video go viral.

Please do comment below when you use the material. Then come back to let us know how the email worked.

Dear All,

Most of you are gravely familiar with the dismal situation facing our public schools caused by a serious decline in funding over the last several years: hence the reason for the - insert annual fundraiser here - (Thanks to all the volunteers we had a record breaking year). After I termed out as your PTA president, I was recruited to serve on the Board for Educate our State. I'm grateful for all of this organization's efforts to boost the awareness that this budget as designed, indeed, is set to do school systems across the whole state irreparable harm.

To further the awareness campaign, Educate our State leaders have crafted a new video which I encourage you to share with all your friends, family, state legislators, and Governor Brown if you are comfortable doing so. We are trying to use social media outlets to make the video go viral. Please spread the video as far and wide as possible.

Beyond sharing the video, we would love every parent at - insert your school here- to take the time to stress to our representatives that the budget is broken and needs fixing by sending a letter, writing an email and generally demanding that our elected officials do their Constitutionally mandated duties by fully funding education to make our schools competitive to ensure there is a bright instead of dim future for the Great State of California. If you hit the link, it only takes about two minutes to do so.

Think of it this way: How likely is it that we should expect our school's Principal - insert your principal's name here and budget over-site body here- in particular to budget for next year on the extremely slim possibility that a November Ballot Measure that proposes to increase taxes will pass? The sad state of the situation is that the existing budget is broken, and the tax measure only would serve to keep it flat; if it passes at all. In my view, riding on a flat tire is not only foolish, but will make matters worse. I say fix it! And, I hope you will join me in amplifying the parent voice in this battle for a) our children, b) the children that come after them, and c) for the very well being of our whole State.

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