Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Celebrity Break Up. Where's the Out Cry of the Protectors of Marriage?

Thus just in from the boo-bleeping-hoo department. We all now know what the popular rags have been ragging about for the last two to three weeks - John and Kate are breaking up.

And they say Gay Marriage hurts Straight Marriage? Where are the defenders of traditional marriage on this? Why are they not taking to the streets?

...thought so, comfortable in their own hypocrisy.

In another from the, you-would-never-see-a-Bush-First-Lady-doing-this department, Mrs. Obama actually got into the mix putting up a playground for elementary kids in San Francisco. Good on you Michelle. Good on you.

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Anonymous said...

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Lyrics

Boo hoo.


I don't know who Jon and Kate are. I don't want to know who Jon and Kate are, or why their names keep popping up everywhere. I know the names of too many people I just don't give a damn about already. Please don't burden me with more.

Thank you.

- Neon Gods


So many unimportant people, so little time. Go Trakker!