Tuesday, December 23, 2008

History Will Not Be Kind To The Bush Administration

I know that many in the current Bush Administration are banking on the fact that "history" will find them to be prudent and good for America, but I highly doubt it. The jury's still out, but living today in Bush's economy, we know for a fact that the world is not a better place for the W, Rove and Co being at the helm of what used to be the most powerful nation on the globe. Have a look at this short editorial for further discussion on the matter:
Vice President Dick Cheney has a parting message for Americans: They should quit whining about all the things he and President Bush did to undermine the rule of law, erode the balance of powers between the White House and Congress, abuse prisoners and spy illegally on Americans. After all, he said, Franklin Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln did worse than that.
When do we get to shovel the W, Rove and Co over to Baghdad so they can finish their little "democracy spreading" experiment?

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