Thursday, July 31, 2008

Been Gone; But I'm Back Again

After a protracted trek to Europe with my family, I've finally dug out of the mundane chores of deleting email and such. My brain is no longer cluttered with trying to get through the weeds at work.

I don't have an extended rant, as mainly, the holiday was relaxing and I didn't pay much attention to the news. We were not there the same time Obama made his romp around. And, we didn't talk much politics beyond which flavor of Gelato to secure on the day at hand.

What has been nagging at me as of late is who are the Veep Running Mates going to be. Does any one have a line on this as of yet? I heard some where that Hillary has pulled out of that contention and won't be joining Obama. I've heard some inclining that Carley Fiorina is doing a lot of talking for McSame. Could it be that there are two Vice Presidential candidates that are women?

Any speculation out there? If you were a betting person, who would you put money on to be the Veep candidates in each camp?

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