Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Is George Afraid Of San Francisco For?

I know the title is grammatically challenged, but hey, I'm just reflecting the language of our fair president.
President Bush paid an unusual visit to the Bay Area on Wednesday, ending a day in California that was all economics, all the time. Bush kept intact his record of never visiting San Francisco during his presidency
Already there are over 200 comments to this article, some of which are quite fun over at SF Gate.

George Bush, over the last seven years has visited numerous locations about the globe, including Iraq and Afghanistan a number of times. What is it about San Francisco that scares this man to such a degree that he wouldn't set foot in this town? I have my theories. Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

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Page 15, wiley_in_nv wrote:
people think Dubbya is stupid but he isn't. He is a pure sociopath who lost the ability to care a long time ago. He hasn't been in an unscripted situation in years. He reads the daily syllabus handed to him at 6:30 AM and goes and does his job. I don't think he hates S.F. -- as with most everything else he just doesn't care.
Posted 1/30/2008 9:13:26 PM

Page 19, phoenix09 wrote:
erpilot you and I disagree. Hate is an emotion everyone experiences at some point or another, but it is the right-wingers that have made it a sport. The radical left in this country (which would be revolutionary socialists, communists, and anarchists) are marginalized politically. The radical right is running the show. I have some Christian evangelicals in my family and "hateful" hardly begins to describe their contempt for anyone that disagrees with them. Have you listened to that bloviating bowel movement, Rush Limbaugh? The man is a hate-monger, pure and simple. Last I checked he identifies with the Republicans and is an honored guest in the White House.
Posted 1/31/2008 6:18:21 AM

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Kvatch said...

If I was George, I'd be afraid of visiting San Francisco--somewhat like that town in Vermont.