Monday, December 31, 2007

Converting To A Photo Blog A Good Idea?

Thinking about a transition to a photo blog. How do you like this image. I had one thought, if you were to purchase a full resolution digital file of this picture that I took a few days ago, what would it be worth to you? I've been thinking about posting to some of those photo stock pages that earn you cash as it's downloaded. I thought people might like to get these images direct from the source. What say you?

Happy New Year All.

Blog on friends, Blog on all.

1 comment:

enigma4ever said...

Happy New Year....thanks for coming by Watergate was nice to see you....hmmm, photo blog...I always believe that Change is good...and blogs..well, you have to do what feels good...and right....

the photo is made me hungry doe salad ;-)