Wednesday, October 03, 2007

F! The Dead Iraqi Civilians, Our Guys Are The Good Guys

I suppose that rationalizing the killing of civilians is why the CEO of Blackwater gets paid the big bucks:
"We have 1,000 guys out in the field. People make mistakes, they do stupid things sometimes."

ERIK D. PRINCE, chief executive of Blackwater USA
"Oops.Sorry we killed your uncle...Ahmed."


Anonymous said...

Shoot out the tires?

Hollywood screen writers learned long ago, by firing automatic weapons at cars in the desert, that the only way to stop an oncoming vehicle is to kill the driver.

In a war where the opponent's principle weapons are IEDs and VBIDs, shoot first and apologize later. If you want to live to collect your salary. Without life the big money is pointless.

The only way to prevent Blackwater-style deaths of Iraqi civilians is for the US to leave Iraq.

enigma4ever said...

Prince was scary- so no chalent and cold....gave me chills...this guy didn't give a shit...his company was making squat in 2000, and now it is making gazilions...( did you see the part where kucinich made the chart that showed the profits...yikes..)

so Bush could not get enif he paid for soldiers...paid mercernaries..and we all are paying for them...and WHO knows how much they really cost...and what rules they are following..he never did answer WHO they negogiated with....hmmmm...

hmmm I see I am no longer educational...I am crushed....sad enigma leaves....I watch cspan..doesn'that mean I have half a brain...okay a quarter ? ...sigh....

Mary Ellen said...

Blackwater isn't making mistakes...they are doing what Bush wants them to do. Keep that war going! If these guys are the professionals they claim to be, these "mistakes" wouldn't have happened.

They're liars..and murderers.

imsmall said...

Chump Change

Here is some money, what we call
"Chump change" within America,
Receive it with our blessings, all,
Just sign this waiver. Yes, well, duh,
It will not bring your loved one back
That we have "murdered" in Iraq.
The change is for to keep your silence,
Accept it or beget more violence.

There is no end to violent days
Here in Iraq: you are the chumps,
Whom all the while we do dispraise,
Now sign, or let us thump your rumps.
What do you mean coersion? This
Is like to say starvation is
Form of intimidation, or
Threat of despair: but this is war.

The death of any person whom
You loved, or several persons as
The case may be--you can assume
A minor price, for keeping gas
Free-flowing, as the case may be,
Exported to the voting free.
It is a minor sacrifice,
So shut your mouth, and pay the price.